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Hot to Get rid of dandruff naturally ?


Feb 27, 2020

Have you taken a stab at battling dandruff and flopped wretchedly? Try not to surrender. We recommend a couple of characteristic medicines that you can attempt to dispose of dandruff… 

  • Apply a blend of lemon, curd and oil to your hair. Drench for 15-20 minutes and afterward flush. Rehash this consistently. 
  • You could attempt a similar procedure with egg yolk. Spread your head with a plastic spread as this one is a bit rank. 
  • Supplant your cleanser with a bunch of heating soft drink as it is a characteristic dandruff remover. 
  • Another choice is to apply apple juice vinegar to your hair. Wash following 20 minutes. 
  • Make a point to get a cleanser with tea tree oil. 
  • Blend one section mouthwash in with nine sections water and pour it in your hair after a typical hair wash. Try not to flush after this.


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