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Everything you should know about Panchakarma Therapy


Apr 14, 2020
panchakarma treatment

Ayurveda is a science and a craft of living that assists with accomplishing wellbeing and life span. It underscores on recuperating and protection treatments alongside different strategies for purging and restoration. Panchakarma treatment is a necessary piece of Ayurveda, which helps in accomplishing a decent perspective, body and cognizance. 

What is panchakarma treatment?

panchakarma treatment
panchakarma treatment

Panchakarma is a lot of five treatments, which is intended to clean the assemblage of poisons. As per Ayurveda, cleaning of the body is significant before the beginning of some other treatment. 

Two fundamental standards of Panchakarma 

The panchakarma procedure includes two arrangements of treatments: 

Oleation and Formentation 


Oleation includes the utilization of oil on your body. There are an assortment of oils arranged from home grown and mineral elements for this reason. Aside from oil, ghee is likewise applied on the body. These greasy substances arrive at the more profound tissues and help in conveying the restorative fixings to each cell of the body. This assistance in extricating up the poisons stuck in the cell. 


Formentation treatments are treatments that help in creating sweat. In the first place, the tissues are made delicate by oleation treatment and further formentation makes them significantly gentler. The poisons lost by oelation condense because of formentation, which helps in flushing them out of the body. 

Utilization of the two standards 

The standards of oelation and formentation apply through specific treatments. A portion of these treatments are: 


Abhyanga is a body rub done through natural and mineral oil. It tends to be accomplished for the whole body or simply explicit pieces of the body. The primary reason for it is to grease up the body and conciliate vata dosha. 


The treatment is planned for diminishing afflictions identified with the head area. During this treatment, a flood of warm oil is poured at the focal point of the brow at a uniform speed. The speed and temperature of the oil stream are kept steady all through the 30-an hour of the treatment. 


The pizhichil treatment is a phenomenal treatment to assuage solid, joint and neurological issues. During this treatment, the body is exposed to floods of tepid oil with delicate back rub alongside cadenced hand developments. 

Potali rub 

This back rub is finished with little packs that contain clinical spices. The sack is warmed in warm oil for a couple of moments and afterward is utilized for rubbing the body. It’s an extraordinary method to assuage torment, diminish pressure and support the body. 

Disclaimer: The perspectives communicated in this article ought not be considered as a substitute for doctor’s recommendation. If it’s not too much trouble counsel your rewarding doctor for additional subtleties.


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